Ball Catching Techniques In Softball

In addition to fundamental techniques in terms of holding the ball, softball beginners are also important to be able to train and master how to catch the right ball. Softball game divides the method or technique of catching the ball into 3 where it is based on the direction of the ball coming like the following tips. Meanwhile, perhaps you also need to take a look at the best bbcor bats that you may want to buy.

Rolling Ball

Each player needs to know that even in the technique of catching the ball the catch needs to adjust to the direction of the ball. There is a ball whose direction comes from below aka rolling, so of course, as a catcher, the ball must be prepared to catch the ball at the bottom.

The ball that comes in on the ground aka rolling requires players who act as catchers of the ball to kneel. Hands that have worn gloves can prepare by placing it in the direction of coming to the ball. While the other hand can also square off to catch than throw the ball towards the opponent’s player who just hit.

When The ball soars

For a ball that soars, there is also a technique in capturing it. In catching a bouncing ball, players need to position their bodies exactly where the ball will fall. The method or process of catching a ball soaring can be done using one hand, but it doesn’t matter if you want to use both hands at the same time.

Straight Ball

In catching a ball that comes flat or called straight ball, the player’s body position needs to be in a standing position. Not only just standing, but also pay attention to the correct posture where while standing, your feet are also open. Make sure when you want to catch this ball, the view still focuses on the ball that is coming.

When the body and legs are ready, then for the hands, the hands can be positioned ready in front of the chest and of course, they must wear gloves. Catching the ball can be done with the hands that have been wearing the glove (in this case using the left hand). Meanwhile, the right hand must be ready to throw after catching.

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